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The Business Cash Advance is ideal for SME’s and retailers who process over £3,500 of card payments through their merchant terminals. The flexible repayments mean that your cash-flow is not impacted in the short-term, meaning business owners need not worry about having a quiet month. Repayments are made as a percentage of future transactions until the total amount repayable is reached. Obtaining a quote is as easy as providing your last 12 months merchant statements, get in touch today using the form below to find out more.


  • Flexible repayments in line with future sales

  • Pay as you earn

  • Minimal paperwork

  • Unsecured (no equity or assets required)

  • No business plan required

  • No upfront fees, 1 off charge for total amount borrowed

  • No repayment deadline

  • Can work with all UK merchant providers, no need to change your provider

  • No late/early redemption fees

  • Repay in-line with your company’s takings